Street Walks # 6: The Silly Monkeys

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This almost looks like some type of kindergarten welcome sign, but it’s part of a wall mural that has been around Stanmore (here in Sydney) for a quite a while now.

Monkey 1

Monkey 2

Monkey 4

These silly monkeys really helps paint a playful spirit when motorists drive by. I can’t think of anything else that can lift my spirits quite like these monkeys do when I drive past them on the weekend.


8 thoughts on “Street Walks # 6: The Silly Monkeys

  1. I now have FANTASTIC NEWS. The artist of this piece is one certain Mary Casey.

    I was able to chat with someone who will put me in touch with the artist! Exciting stuff and hope to post any news on that here soon :)

    1. i might set up an action item to ask Marrickville council.

      I drive past it every week and, like yourself, love this mural. It’s simple, playful and never fails to plant a smile in my face :)

      1. I received a follow-up from council as follows:
        I am sorry Perry – I do not know that artist off the top of my head.

        However, from memory the artist has put their name on the painting and you can google it

        Alternatively, you might ask the building owner as they would have consented to have the work done
        Now to do some more digging around. I’ll get back to this post again shortly!

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