Job Market Demand: September 2013

The Job Market

My last job market report that encompassed all industries was back in August. Not a lot of things have changed since then except a change in government and the passing of time to help the  record low cash rate filter through the economy. Has it helped? Not in the slightest.  At least, not yet.

Here are the numbers presented via embedded charts. Hopefully this new presentation is a little bit more interactive even though the data isn’t the best.

Gauging the health of various industries

So what does that exactly tell me? Well it basically says that if you are looking for Design & Architecture job, or if your thinking of heading to Perth for that glamorous Mining job, you better think again. The economy is not looking good and these 2 industries in particular are feeling the brunt of it.

Time Series

This time series says a lot about where we were and how far we have fallen during the past year. If you hover your mouse over some of the data points, you chart is smart enough to present the underlying data for each point in time (and it’s not pretty).

A closer look at ‘Banking’

The Banking numbers are holding up relatively well particularly in Sydney. So if you’re working in the banking industry, your chances of finding a job is relatively better than other industries.

And if you’ve noticed those big dips, that’s the December – January period where job market activity goes out the window as we celebrate the Christmas Summer holidays.

And what about the all-important ‘Sales’ number

I’m always keeping a close eye on the Sales number as where there’s a demand to hire more people in Sales, there’s a higher likelihood of underlying demand with the Australian consumer (or so the logic goes). At this point in time, we’ve dropped 6% from where we were last year. That’s not too bad relative to some other drop-off we’ve had in other industries. But I can’t get too excited with this number too as it is but one industry when our overall economic health appears weak.

Raw data

I’ll try to pull out some more insights when I next revisit the Job Market stats (possibly using some new features with these graphs). And of course, feel free to comment if you want me to focus on anything in particular.

Until then, have a great week and good luck out there.


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