My place in this WORLD

What's Up?

Milky Way

I know my place within the family.

I know where I am at work.

I think I know where I fit in within the online community.

I’m not too sure where I exactly slot in to in Sydney.

I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea what I mean to the rest of Australia.

Let alone what I mean to the rest of this world.

And then there she is, the Milky Way, staring right back at me but oblivious to my presence. If I don’t register with her, then why does anything matter?

Although I can make an impression on all the statements above, with varying degrees of impact on a sliding scale, I surely can’t make an impression on her myself can I?

And then there it is, the operative word ‘myself’. I am a but one whose star can only burn so bright. Collectively I know our star can be seen by others out there.

The question is, are we ready to collectively act as one?


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