BeginningsGreat things have humble beginnings.

Like this little guy which most of us would have bypassed – but not by this photographer who managed to freeze life’s humble beginnings.

And here’s what the photographer has to say about this:

I’m a life long artist and an amateur photographer looking to capture a few simple moments in time; subjects that get passed by or looked at everyday without much notice but if viewed from a different perspective, sometimes turn out to be quite memorable. Most of my photos are randomly acquired, I stage or set up very few shots, and when life allows, I usually set out when the mood strikes and the light is just right. I shoot with Nikon equipment, a D90, an 18-200mm, a 50mm 1.8, and an SB600 flash and all edits are done through Capture NX2 from Nikon. Photography is my creative outlet in place of pencils and brushes and I try to replicate the things I would normally draw or paint with hopes of offering a brief glimpse of something beautiful that someone may have missed.

We’re sure glad that Samanseer didn’t miss this moment.

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