Big Brother’s Flower


Looks like this girl was tricked into trusting Big Brother’s flower. This trickery is now immortalized on this wall up for auction.

Per the original description:

“Julien’s Auctions employee Nat Hebron drives a forklift past a work by Banksy titled “Flower Girl,” at Julien’s warehouse in Los Angeles, California August 21, 2013. “Flower Girl,” a 9×8 foot (2.7 x 2.4 meter) mural on brick which was originally located at a Los Angeles gas station, will headline Julien’s Auctions “Street Art” auction in December. The owner of the gas station, before selling the property, decided to have the 9×8 foot section of the wall cut out and removed to bring it to auction. Banksy has not publicly commented on the impending sale of his art work. AFP PHOTO / Robyn Beck.

There’s an interesting history for every intriguing piece of art.


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