Do you really need another one?


Social media platforms; yes, there is such a thing as having too many.

I can absolutely relate to this post. I like the platforms I’m on (WordPress, LinkedIn, Tumblr and a couple of others listed in my ‘All About Me’ widget). But I really don’t have time for anymore.

Enter Arik, a man that also sounds like he doesn’t need clutter.

Here’s a snip of of Arik’s original post:

For me, I’ve strategically chosen to spend time on the following networks, for the following reasons:

* Blog–probably the place where I spend the most time, given all the time I spend researching, planning and writing my posts (and commenting). Time spent: 40%.

* Facebook–where I share personal anecdotes and pics of my family, from time to time. This is mostly personal stuff (outside of sharing the occasional blog post). Time spend: 20%.

* Twitter–I still spend some time on Twitter, mostly sharing industry posts (and my own) and asking questions of industry colleagues, and participating in the random Twitter chat from time to time. Time spent: 10%

* Instagram–Find myself spending more time here, especially when I’m on vacation or on the weekends/weeknights, when I’m off at an event for my kids, or at events with my friends (Gopher basketball games coming up!). Time spend: 15%

* LinkedIn–Spending more time here lately, too. Simply because more of my posts are shared there (relevance) and I connect with more potential business contacts there. Time spent: 15%.

The poor guy is struggling like the rest of us!

But you know, I’d rather stick to the ones I know and leave the noise outside for others to stress.


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