The day I rode a bike

What's Up?


I remember the day I rode without stabilisers. I must have wheeled around the backyard all afternoon and did not relent until I was summoned to come inside by my grandmother. I didn’t quite master total control til around 10 years which is quite late specially if you have family and friends who have been riding at around 5.  Soon after that transition from little kid to big kid, I was doing wheelies, skidding across the road and even had my cousins hop on for a ride. My confidence shot up from 0 to 10 in a matter of weeks.

The entire bike riding transition is such a symbolic event for me; I know that I can be a slow starter. But once I get it, I GET IT and so long as my ‘back is in to it’, I am willing to outwork the opposition to be the best at it. This has taught me 2 things: not to judge people if they are struggling to do a task that might be simple for most and secondly, hard work will outwork untapped lazy potential at some future point.

Because once the hard worker gets it, THEY’LL GET IT!

You can teach someone how to eat but you cannot teach them how to ‘be’ hungry and stay hungry. That drive comes from within.

And I hope that we all find our own personal reason to get out of bed.

p.s. that fab bike shot from the Lens.

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