Street Walks # 4: The Happy Heart

Arts, Street Walks, What's Up?

All you need is love, love is all you need.

The Beatles

Random acts of kindness should not be confined to a some mural; it should be through human interaction in every neighborhood. If everyone did something kind to their fellow man at least once a day, this world would be better place.

Perhaps this will remind us:


This thoughtful mural, the 4th in this series of Street Walks, is located in one of the corner streets of Newtown – home to some very colourful streets (owing to the diversity of its people; a mix of artists, musicians, university students, young working professionals etc.) This hodgepodge mix has created a delightful blend of some very colourful streets, vibrant inner city shops and a lively night life which people from all parts of town hit.

..and I’m not even going to mention the sky-high real estate.



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