The Gender behind the Story


Yes, I agree Jess – this is unacceptable. And I also agree that

Maybe what we need is a free online database to check for dumbass, avoidable gender bias.

Let’s quote some more females out there guys!


5 thoughts on “The Gender behind the Story

  1. So what is this supposed to prove?

    There are more male professional liars and spin doctors than female?
    Men/ women find men more trustworthy sources than women – especially in areas like politics, business, technology and world affairs?
    Women are less inclined towards journalism, or rather less inclined towards mainstream corporate/ government friendly journalism?
    The sinking (and thoroughly disgraced) ship that is mainstream media is mostly run by men?
    Men are slower to leave aforementioned sinking ship and embrace independent journalism/ blogging/ not being a slave to some git of an editor who probably works for the CIA anyway?
    Women have yet to become fully installed into the corporate fascist hierarchy (but are campaigning for the right to achieve this as soon as possible)?
    People still actually take newspapers seriously?
    None of the above?
    All of the above?

    1. Thanks for the comment Abandon TV.

      My post was in support of more women writers, and once (and if) that happens, more stories by women making the headlines.

      Anything that happens after that is an outcome of that eventuality.

      1. Yes, sorry, I was being irreverent and slightly facetious. But in all seriousness, I do think the mainstream media is beyond saving and the best thing that can happen is for everyone to stop watching TV and buying newspapers and to just ignore them until they go away.

        And if people want to put some of them behind bars for the lies they have spread and the crimes they have helped to cover up over the years I certainly wouldn’t protest.

        I’m all for women writers. But let’s support women writers who are not censored by editors, and who don’t have to self-censor in order to climb the career ladder (or just avoid getting kicked off it).

        The phrase ‘more female mainstream journalists’ makes me think of the phrase ‘more female Nazis’ or ‘more female axe murderers’.

        Sometimes less is more :)

        1. Not a problem at all.

          I believe the truth is out there but also believe that it may not necessarily be what’s presented in front of you.

          Agree with ‘less is more’ comment. Definitely no axe murderers please.

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