Street Walks # 2: An arrow in the heart of the Inner West

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The next episode of street walks has been long overdue.

This is a relatively fresh new mural in Newtown here in Sydney depicting what I call “The Archer of the Inner West”:


The difficulty with taking this photo is that it’s rather hard to see the entire picture as I have the wall against my back (therefore I cannot move any further to take a better landscape) and I have to deal with oncoming traffic (I had to time my photo when there was no passing vehicles).

Here’s another angle of “The Archer” taken right beside it:

Arrow sideshot

Another feature of this wall is “The Newtown Girl” which sits to the left of the Archer:

Newtown girl

Once again careful timing came into play to avoid traffic disrupting the shot.

And if you remember, way back when, I posted a shot of Gridiron Street Art. This Gridiron shot was in actual fact to the right of The Archer. When I say “was” that unfortunately means that the Gridiron kids have long been wiped out of the wall (natural decay until finally, the council stepped in).


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