The Challenge: Create a Visual Representation of Key Data

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I like Challenges

A little while ago I entered a challenge to present data visually in a compelling manner that highlights key information embedded in the data.

The data provided was based on Global Ad Spend and Consumer Confidence and the only guide provided were past winner presentations for a similar challenge; the past winners were predominantly infographics-based.

Instead of reproducing a straight inforgraphic like the past winners, I thought to create something a little bit more interactive. So what I did was slam the data sets in Excel and I created a dashboard complete with user controls at the bottom of the dashboard (to provide the user with controls to filter).

The dashboard looked like this:

C1 C2 C3 C4

The interactive area is right at the bottom titled “10 Nerd Area”.

This is what ‘part’ of it looked like close-up:


Now I did not actually win this competition; there were about 500 participants and a guy that presented an infographic took home the prize (there you go, maybe I should have stuck with the the guidelines rather than do something daring). But I learned a lot in the 2 weekends (and a bit) I laboured and toiled through analysing the data, designing the presentation layer, creating the user controls and putting the accompanying pack. It was a rewarding challenge in the end as I felt a sense of achievement (even though my solution did not win).

Solution Attachments

This was the actual accompanying presentation: The Presentation.ppt

Here’s the preso in PDF: Solution.pdf

Now if you’re interested in seeing the actual dashboard in Excel, please leave a comment after this post (this at least gives me an indication that someone out there is interested in seeing my solution).


Received a request from Gilbert to view the model – here it is: Solution.xlsx


I enter these competitions every now and then when I have time. I haven’t entered one in a while so I might just keep my eyes peeled on an upcoming challenges.

And why share this with everyone?

Just because I believe that someone might take my solution and do something better with it. I believe in sharing and being inspired by others. If I am able to share this with the right person and that person is able to take this and build on this, then I have helped someone else. And hopefully that person will in turn share their work…and the cycle of growth continues.


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