We’re keeping it HOT here


Here’s the problem developing nations face:

In developing countries, the basic need to feed a family has huge challenges: Staple diets require long cooking times, yet there is little access to energy and water. Lack of clean fuel means using charcoal or tree-wood for cooking. Cooking over a charcoal or wood fire means smoke inhalation. Little income to afford charcoal means cutting down trees. Cutting down trees results in deforestation as communities quickly use the tree wood around them, digging up the roots when desperate. Deforestation leads to foraging further afield, which is done by women and also girls, often taken out of school. Foraging as far as 5-10 km per day leaves women open to violence. Poverty will not end if girls don’t have time for school, women spend 4-6 hours of their day cooking, and the environment is ravaged.

And here’s the very cool (yes, it’s a pun) solution:

To solve this problem, South-Africa-based entrepreneur Sarah Collins and social activist Moshy Mathe came up with the Wonderbag. By filling a polycotton bag with recycled polystyrene beads, the duo have created an object that can be safely draped around a pot that has just been brought to boil. The Wonderbag then keeps the pot and its contents hot for hours, without the original heating source.

Now how brilliant and simple was that?

Well done to the creators and thank you to Unconsumption for that share.


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