My new toy: An app called “Days”

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A quick post to share a new app I’m using called DAYS.

This was my ‘Day’ yesterday (click on that link).

So what is this? It’s an app that visualises your day. It’s basically a diary in pictures of your day in a nice, compact and neat package. The app itself is really made for the mobile / cell phone i.e. easy to use and design is gorgeous.

Don’t mean to do a free promo job on this app but it has a lot of potential. For example, that last ‘Dripping Wet..’ snap, is actually a gif image. Refresh your browser if it doesn’t present correctly as a gif image on the site – but when rendered using my iPhone Days app, the gif image always comes to life!

There are obvious flaws (missing functionality) though e.g. I cannot seem to delete a prior post, you cannot import a pic already in your library and once posted, you cannot share via Tumblr (even though it lists Tumblr as a service). Despite that, it has potential. It’s really up to the makers to further enhance the product.

I’ll try to post a more exciting day next time around. Yesterday was a pretty standard, blah-looking Monday.

Have a great day all :)


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