Count yourself lucky


Most of my posts revolve around developed nations, the economy, art, technology, interesting people and the like. On the odd occassion, it’s good to get hit with a reality check and appreciate how good we have it.   Imagine my shock when I stumbled into this story and accompanying pictures. Wow, this is hard hitting. For most of us, it is difficult to really appreciate how hard other people have it in other countries.

This reminds me of the series called “Toughest place to be a..” where a British bus driver swapped his job as a bus driver to drive a jeep in the Philippines. Josh West (bus driver) was moved so much by his experience that he has partnered with danceaid to help educate the street children. If you have a spare hour, it’s well worth watching this episode of  “Toughest place to be a..” and Josh journey.

A parting comment regarding these snaps. I can still see the spirit of happiness in the children. A child will always have the spirit of a child wherever they are in the world. It’s one full of hope and purity.

Now this is one great share.


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