Who doesn’t want a Smart Watch?



The original source suggests that the title should be “Who wants a Smart Watch?” I would like to read this as the reverse: “Who doesn’t want one?”

It’s little wonder that Apple have decommissioned their original iPod watch concept they released way back when. This is just my wild guess but I believe it was taken out of the production line to make way for an official release of the iWatch.  And why not – if you want to release a product then you want to do it right.

Not that there anything wrong with Nano. I still wear it and don’t necessarily agree with this guy’s assessment.


3 thoughts on “Who doesn’t want a Smart Watch?

    1. this is true and i can’t think of what new features they can add on that the iPhone or iPad would not have.

      Today a guy beside me at work asked “Why do you have 3 different Apple devices? What do you use each for?” My answer:

    2. iPod watch has the bulk of my music and saved podcasts,
    3. iPhone has some music (for bluetooth car music) and mobile apps,
    4. iPad has apps for work with zero music.
    5. Perhaps i could have solved my problem by slamming everything on the iPad. Maybe I am the the reason why Apple stocks are still quite high.

      Thanks for writing in :)

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