Reader engagement is key


Source: Paid Content

It’s not the length of the content, it’s the quality and how you engage.

I like this idea of having stories that would take shape over time but confess that I haven’t had a chance to really look into it. The closest thing I have with this blog are my stories and interviews. What one reader did suggest was that I follow-up some of my interviewees in a few years time to see where they are at with their careers. Not a bad idea and very similar to the Up Series if you’re familiar with that very interesting documentary.

What I also have is a running journal of my childhood in the short stories section of stories and interviews. But i regress, let’s not lose sight of the real point of this article: engagement is key. You can blog a Tolstoy or you can put short, quick posts out. If the various metrics of your site is growing, then things are working.

Assuming that’s what you’re after.



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