Controlling Your Sugar


Source: SMH

A healthy warning for everyone about the dangers in consuming excessive sugar.

Heading in to our winter months, I must personally control the urge to have dark chocolates and the like. But like everything else, so long as you keep things in moderation then it should not be a problem.  (yes, I know – what does ‘moderation’ mean? But surely you can see the signs yourself.)

This bit of the article is worth reproducing here as reminder for all:


Tips to stop the aging/sugar cycle:

  1. Reduce and ultimately eliminate processed sugar (so no soft drinks, added sugar, cakes, biscuits).
  2. Read up about low GI foods – these are foods lower in sugar and where the chemical balance reduces sugar hits on your system.
  3. Dietitian Kara Landau says “antioxidant rich foods such as deep coloured fruits, vegetables and legumes, nuts and spices can all help reduce inflammation.”
  4. “If you need to add sugar, natural honey is a better option, as is stevia,” says endocrinologist Dr Sophie Chan.
  5. One final incentive? Keep a photo diary of yourself over six months as you wean yourself off sugar. Most people are surprised at how much fresher – and younger they look.



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