1 MAN AND HIS IPHONE # 3: The NEW Morning Walk

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After a couple of months settling in my new postcode, I have finally collected enough shots for a new Morning Walk. These walks are one of the highlights of my day as it provides some ‘me-time‘ i.e. meditation and prepping myself mentally for the day ahead.

This new walk – from Annandale to Sydney – takes about 1 hour 15 minutes door to door with a stopover to change. A point to stress here: this is a walk as in “walking at a leisurely pace“. I don’t power walk and I certainly don’t run. I personally do not see the need in power-walking and/or running when the work day is usually busy enough. I like to ‘Zen out‘ and relax in the morning. As long as I reserve enough time to leave home and arrive at work, then it’s all good.

Finally before I get on with the snaps, the photos here have been taken with iPhone in hand. So yes, there is no artistry in these pics – its been put together for pure sharing purposes. If you spot a good looking photo, I assure you that I have made no attempt to make it look pretty. That’s pure coincidence that I had my iPhone in that direction, at that point in time. Big-ups to lady luck.

My 1st snap here is a bit ho-hum; it’s me making my way down the fire escape. Most of the time, this beats waiting for the lift.

31 stairs

Next up is the local neighborhood. It’s Autumn here in Australia and the leaves have turned into maple gold. It’s quite heartening to observe the leaves fall knowing full well that it’s a seasonal cycle.

1 Annandale

Whenever I pass a stack of leaves, I always remember the Miles Davis classic “Autumn Leaves“.

In fact I sometimes have Miles on blasting through my Sennheiser’s. But I do get very random with my selection; there are days that I want to really listen to something meaningful so I hit some saved podcasts (usually Bloomberg, The Economist and other news bits along those lines).

There are other days when I simply do not want to think so its pure meditation – that’s when I play random songs.

(shout out to DJ OTP a.k.a Alex B for the mixes -> you rock!)

32 autumn

Back to the walk.  I quite enjoy walking down the footpath with leaves scattered across the pavement; there’s something wonderful about having leaves brush your feet. It’s like being a 5-year old all over again.

In this instance though, the leaves have been swept aside by the locals which is of course, understandable.

2 Autumn Leavvs

I pass through this message engraved on the pavement along the way (approx 15 minutes in the walk). It’s a cute simple little message that makes my day each and every time.

One big Thank-You to the author of this message from all of us. This neighborhood thinks you’re beautiful too!

3 Beautiful

The morning sun shines through this little park-like area.

It’s got a 2-seater seat with an old water bridge behind it. In fact this old water bridge feature also figures in my old Morning Walk (4th pic) except the old walk was taken in Leichhardt (while this new pic is from Annandale – one suburb away).

4 parks

The trees are also majestic like most other trees in this leafy  suburb. This one provides a great shade – quite a nice spot for people to take a break before they go about their business.

A quick note: Annandale is a little bit different to Newtown which is where I sourced most of my Street Art from.

5 Park

I just crossed a busy road and a small foot bridge when an ad for the AFL greets me. AFL, for the people outside Australia, is predominantly played in Victoria as well as other states. New South Wales, which is where we are, has Rugby League as the dominant code.

3 seconds later, I’m about to go under the tram crossing.

6 Go Greyhounds

7 Bridge

After the tram bridge, I pass through Jubilee Park as part of the Glebe waterfront walk.

This is the most enjoyable part of the walk as I pass through some well established walking grounds by the water.

8 past tunnel

In fact if you look to the left of this pic, you will see where water runs through.

To the right is the AFL grounds (Jubilee Park) which at times hosts early morning fitness junkies and other sporting teams training for their season.

As you can see, this part is decked out quite nicely too.

9 Walkway

Now if i swing my iPhone this way, you will see Jubilee Park. In fact at the upper right of the pic is a passing tram.  Can you see it?

33 Jubilee

This here is a little reminder to all passer’s-by that they are in Glebe waterfront walk.

34 Olympian

Ah, the morning sun. The sunrise is quite blinding as you can see and most people at this time have to sport some type of sunnies.

Most of the time I just look to my left and face the calm water.

10 path

I was attempting to take a good snap of this great old tree while walking – as mentioned, most of these pictures have been taken while walking, without stopping for a break.

This snap does not do this giant justice but I do hope you get the idea.

12 big tree

Yes, this is the calm water. And that is the ANZAC bridge which is pic # 16 in my prior walk.

I can still choose to go over the bridge if I wanted to, but it would add another 20 minutes to my journey. Maybe I will get to do that one day but for now, I do prefer the peaceful path by the water (zero traffic and zero noise too as opposed to the ANZAC bridge traffic).

13 GIB

Here’s another view of my Zen path. This one provides a glimpse of Centre Point to the right of the frame.

This is one of the rare moments where I actually paused to tilt my iPhone in another direction.

14 GIB

And when I swing inthe opposite direction, you’ll get an eye-full of the local residency around the water front.

Some BIG dollar homes around here.

35 Arc

Here’s one quick snap of the water.

It looks inviting and clean enough on 1st inspection. But there are signs everywhere warning people not to swim in these parts. I’m assuming there’s a bit of run-off from the surrounding neighborhood here.

For whatever reason, it has not stopped some people fishing though.

15 Shore

16 shore

17 green

37 Dock

There’s a fair few boats moored right along the walk. These are boats of different types and sizes.

Every now and then, I see a few guys doing their morning row. We have the local Glebe Rowing Club right at the end of the Glebe waterfront walk.

Speaking of which, the 2nd pic here is of the city landscape. That distinctive needle is poking out through the skyline (quite prominent at this point).

20 boats

38 Needle

I have no idea what these are. All i know is that these structures mark the end of the Glebe waterfront walk.

21 structure

22 structure

Here’s something to remember the Glebe waterfront walk by. It’s quite a nice exclamation point.

23 yacts GIB

I’m hitting the pavement at this point, just about to pass Broadway. There’s quite a big student population around these parts due to the surrounding universities.

24 Broadway

25 Broadway

And here we are at Darling Harbour crossing the bridge. I already consider this part of the city (like most locals).

The last snap pretty much indicates that I have another few minutes before I hit my desk.

26 CP

28 CP

29 City

Sure hope that you guys enjoyed the share.

This is a routine walk that I take as often as I can. The only thing that stops me? Bad weather (rain, cold winter days or both, or extreme summer days) or if I’m running late for whatever reason (like finishing a blog post).

Would welcome any comments. Always enjoy reading thoughts.


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