For the poker players out there: Watch the HANDS


We all know that body language gives away the true meaning in our messages. Now, we have further proof.

A study at Stanford University has found that people who focused on a person’s hand had better chances in picking if the player was telling the truth (or not). Here’s some findings:

Mr Slepian found that students were poor at judging the quality of a player’s hand when shown just that player’s face. Indeed, he noticed a negative correlation of 0.07. This is not huge (a perfect correlation is 1.0). But it meant there was a statistically significant tendency that the better a volunteer believed the hand to be, the worse it actually was. When a player’s whole posture was considered, this misapprehension went away: if a volunteer could see everything about a player from the table up there was no correlation between his judgments of a hand’s value and its actual value. When a volunteer could see only arms and hands, however, Mr Slepian found a positive correlation, of 0.07, between his guesses and reality.

Good article for all those poker players out there – and for those that find these studies interesting in general.


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