A LOT of David Hasselhoff’s


Source: SMH

We have a lot of David Hasselhoff’s but have zero Pamela Anderson’s. And so what’s the deal here?

Here’s a story about Bondi Rescue, a local reality tv show that features lifeguards doing their thing in Bondi Beach.

But the obscure thing is, there is not one female lifeguard. They article never really touch on the reason outside why this is outside this explanation:

”It’s not an easy job. It’s tough for anyone, not just us blokes,”

I suspect that it may due to the number of people that crowd Bondi and the type of people that go there – not just the surfing conditions. As one person pointed out, there are a few female lifeguards in the Northern beaches and surf there can be larger than the surf at Bondi. Well, it usually always is.

Bondi is touristy (type of people) and most do not understand the dangers of our surf. And to state the obvious, it is the most recognisable beach we have and therefore attracts large numbers of people.

For whatever reason they might have for not having female lifesavers, our focus should not be to judge, but to be thankful that they are there.


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