The NYC Wheel


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The London Wheel goes to NYC. First we had the pyramids turn up all over the ancient world and now, we have the wheels starting to make it’s way around the major cities.

This from the source:

The New York Wheel / Staten Island Wheel is a massive Observation Wheel that is scheduled to be built in Staten Island, New York.  Upon its completion in 2015, it will be the largest Ferris/ Observation Wheel in the world, towering over Staten Island at an impressive 191 meters (625 ft) tall. 

The Wheel is hoped to get some of the same attention as the UK’s London Eye has received over the years. However unlike the London Eye, which is located in the heart of London, the Staten Island Wheel would be located on the City’s outermost borough. 

Many critics claim that the Staten Island Wheel would be too far away from the rest of the city (Manhattan in particular) to offer views of anything of interest…unless someone finds views of Staten Island and New Jersey to be interesting…

Will Sydney get one next?


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