The Meaning of Life – from a 9-year old boy’s perspective


Can’t help but to re-blog this. Fantastic insight from a 9 year old! I like how he starts off with the ant and perspective. In reality the ant was probably sent out by the colony to search for food – but I get his point :)


Jade's Psychedelic World

By: Jade Sanchez (@jdsanz)

From the onset of our existence, we absorb all sorts of ideas and information from the people surrounding us. Our brain then gradually develops and so is our consciousness and the amount of information that our brain can process and as cliché as it might sound, the rest is history.

Now that we are in the middle of digital revolution, internet becomes a vital element of our everyday life hence the easy access to massive influx of information online – which leads me to this amazing video that I am sharing.

On a regular basis, I interact with a lot of people who are lamentably disconnected with reality, thus, watching this little boy extrapolate things that baffle most of mankind is engrossing enough.

Thrill of excitement gets the better of me when I watch or listen to remarkable people sharing their ideas about almost anything but…

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