Is Spotify a good business model for artists?


Source: BBC

On one hand (+):

  • it provides an channel for artists to be heard
  • it’s not totally free; revenues can still find it’s way to artists

On the other hand (-):

  • users have to click hundreds of times before they earn a dollar
  • the measly amount earned still has to find its way to the artist (passing through the record label and every other entity through the chain)

Some tangible examples.


For Daniel Oliver, a successful Icelandic singer living in Sweden who had a number one last year, “the positive thing is you get really good exposure and you can approach your fans really easily”.


Last year, US-based cellist Zoe Keating released her earnings in a public Google document, saying she had received just $281.87 (£179.70) after her songs were streamed 72,800 times on Spotify.

The unfortunate truth to consider is that streaming music, legal or otherwise, is here to stay.

Let’s just hope the money flows to the artist; all that creative energy must be rewarded!

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