The issue with the Summly sale


Source: Time

More than the ka-ching of the cash register and the bling-bling Nick can get with his dough, and I heard that he is putting his cash in a trust and will finish school, here’s the aggregator issue:

A court ruling last week in New York against a Norway-based news aggregator has brought the issue of copyright infringement in the media world back to the fore. The Associated Press sued and defeated Meltwater, a subscription-based media-monitoring service, for providing snippets of news stories to clients without licensing the content from AP. Meltwater argued that posting a headline, lead paragraph and one or two other relevant sentences of a story constituted fair use under copyright law and was not so different from what Google provides when a user types a query into its search bar.

Fair enough. But hey this is now owned by Yahoo, any future legal issues will be covered by Yahoo. Nick should still be commended for his efforts in creating Summly – I’m sure we wish we could replicate his code.

So how did the case above end?

The news reporting and research upon which Meltwater relies was not done by Meltwater but by the AP; the copyrighted material that Meltwater has taken is the news reporting and research that AP labored to create … Permitting Meltwater to take the fruit of AP’s labor for its own profit, without compensating AP, injures AP’s ability to perform this essential function of democracy.

There you go.


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