Recruiters: The Rodney Dangerfield of the job market

Careers, Inspiration

Source: EFinancial

This was supposed to be a nice read of Efinance article re MBA and employment. Turns out that the article was mediocre and didn’t provide any insights and the comments after the article was poisonous at best!

Why do recruiters get no respect like Rodney Dangerfield?

Come on guys! I’ve been passed over for other candidates too ‘many a time‘ in the past


I realise their role in the market, which is: “to match the candidates with their employers”. That’s right, their employers. They have their base pay but the BIG CHERRY ON TOP is all to do with placements (bonus/commission).

Instead of hating, why not take time and get to know them more – the occasional coffee, call, email. And not necessarily about chasing them for a job but just asking how the market is in general, what’s running hot etc. Finding work these days is not only about the best fit but still also about “who you know“. Get to know them a bit more as they’re part of the system and they’re not going anywhere.

Maybe then, you’ll receive some respect.


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