Sydney’s hidden drinking holes


Source: WSJ

It’s actually getting better in the last few years particularly since Clover Moore relaxed the licenses regarding opening times. A couple of places that stand out:

  • Baxter Inn. Fancy a scotch? Like the idea of going in some small secluded alley way and going underground? Well, look no further. You hang a right in a dark alley way (if you’re coming from Town Hall), right at an apparent dead end until you see a lonely guy standing around (the bouncer), go down the stairs open the door and Ta-Dah: scotch-whiskey-spirits heaven!
  • Stitch bar. A little bit easier to find but you have to go behind (but you do have to go behind an alterations shop to find it). The bar opens as soon as you go down the stairs and unlike Baxter, they serve something other than complimentary pretzels.
  • Tapa Vino. No frills, nothing too hidden, just great food accompanied by an inviting wine selection. This is not so much a bar – they do specialise in wine – as it is a sit-down spot where you grab a good glass of wine, some tapas with great company.

I can attest to all 3 and recommend them for any travellers (or locals) in Sydney. I’m sure glad that WSJ covered 2 of my faves.

Do you have a personal fave in Sydney?


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