1 Man and his iPhone # 2: Sculptures by the Sea

Street Walks, What's Up?

SBS - Footsteps

Our last was all about my morning walk.

This time around, I went around the Sculptures by the Sea where I was able to take some snaps of what was on show.

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did on the day.

This is a pic of the little house made of a frame and cloth. Inside the house were these clips similar to the 1st pic on display.

SBS - Refugee hut outside

And another another clip with a message

SBS - Refugee hut inside badge

Here’s a look at the inside of this sculpture

SBS - Refugee hut inside

And a closer view of the cloth wrappings

SBS - Refugee hut

Right beside it were these 2 stick sculptures. Now how many marshmallows can you can you toast with this burning?

SBS - Stick collection

No, its not some random kids Tonka – this truck was quite BIG and was almost life like.

SBS - Tonka

These were Rusty Bins. I’m not sure whether it was called that but they were exactly that.

SBS - Metal bins

A giant metal baby head. Make no mistake – this thing was HUGE!

SBS - Babys head

Shards of glass. I’m feeling like I’m inside the end sequence of Enter the Dragon and Han is right around the corner.

SBS - Shards of Glass

Woodwork gone mad. This appears to be the theme so far this year.

SBS - Grounded Kite

I call this one magic mushrooms. Well, they were colourful at best.

SBS - Herbs

This looked like a red metal dog made of goop.

SBS - Metal Dog

The goop has a sister called “View“.

SBS - The View

The Curtsey lady. I almost passed this piece as it blended in background perfectly.

SBS - Curtsey Lady

Our steel industry has made an entry I see..

SBS - Works of iron

Alters of sacrifice to the gods of the Eastern surf. We have a lot of deities down under.

SBS - Alter of Sacrifice

I see Alice in Wonderland has made an entry.

SBS - Eloping Animals

Ahh them crazy deities. This one actually resembles a thimble to me.

SBS - Teleport

Playing a game of Twister is strictly not allowed. Its beside this woodwork piece (yet another one, i know)

SBS - Twister and Woodie

Still a looong way to go..

SBS - Still a looong way

Now this is what happens when you leave food scraps on the beach. You cultivate strange things like these little creatures.

SBS - Little Creatures of Bondi

I can see a giant pepper in the horizon.

SBS - 1 carrot - carot - of gold

Mad Max’ Thunderdome.

SBS - Sphere

We were actually hoping to energise Sydney with this. But it could barely spark a light bulb.

SBS - Wind Farm

A collection of sculptures. These may be  Aztec-Surfer totem pole inspired.

SBS - A collection of sculptures

Leftover rust from those bins.

SBS - Crosses

A box inside a box inside a box inside..

SBS - Boxed In

This is Stop and his brother Go

SBS - Stop and Go

Will you actually die if you fall?

SBS - Steady or Die

Guess what’s for dinner? That’s right – Fish!

SBS - Reel slow motion

More wood work and more boxes. I like this piece though and the wave motion it conjures.

SBS - Wood Curve

Say cheese guys! All these happy faces greeted me when i went into this tent.

SBS - Happy faces

Except for this poor lady who missed her bus.

SBS - The 438 is late again

She was probably better off catching a ride with these guys. Wait – is this that same dog from Alice piece?  Why that cheat!

SBS - More on the eloping animals

All urban dwellers need more of this.

SBS - Not in the city

And we now bid adieu to this year’s Sculptures. What a great event! Looking forward to next year already.

And if you ask me what my personal fave is, its the very 1st pic for the simplicity of the message :)

Do you have a personal favourite?

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